Africa Fashions

img-20160308-wa0000Africa is beautiful, here is my model & sister at the same time, wearing  purpple and white beads self-made necklace and hearings. Made her own make up everything matching up with the cloth also self-made. isn’t she beautiful?


Here is also one the model i admire in africa ”Khouda Diop” is from senegal a big fashion model one of the women who made africa looks beautiful. Proud of her natural skin color.

Black is beautiful…..


Here the lady in white is a model & sister, she has contested for Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria 2016 and was representing Adamawa State the Land of Beauty, That was at the end of the wonderful events you can meet on her website at : and her professional website at:

The gentleman is a footballer & brother you can meet on his site here at:

Thats me with my fashions & Designs, it’s my passion and i love it…..